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Counseling as a method of providing help has been around for ages and it basically reflects the need for one person to seek out help from another person. In this setting, the counselor acts as a ‘problem solver’ who through direct advice or non-directive guidance helps children and adolescents who seek help. As an organization working with children who have special needs, Asha Hai tries to reach out as much as possible. We provide one to one counseling sessions.


Individual parent-child counseling is also an essential part of our program. Such an initiative directly attempts to reflect upon and solve the issues that affect our adolescents and parents. Our clinical psychologist caters to a wide spectrum of difficulties like:

  • Anxiety issues, emotional and behavioral problems
  • Personal development
  • Anger management
  • Personality disorder
  • Confidence building
  • Learning difficulties
  • Attention related difficulties


Prior appointment is required to ensure a counseling session with our psychologist.