Aiming inclusivity and empowering young minds

Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow


Infancy is a considered to be a period of marked elasticity in brain development and learning potential. Given this flexibility of young brains, and the effect of experience in shaping brain function and structure, we at Asha Hai expect early intervention experiences would contribute to brain changes as well as behavior changes. The activities children engaged in across their day is either building a more social and communicative brain or building a more object- oriented brain.

  • Addressing the fundamental social orienting and initiation at an early level are the core fundamentals of Asha Hai.
  • In Asha Hai, we provide a holistic approach by incorporating an interdisciplinary team into the early intervention model addressing various domains: motor functioning, sensory functioning, communication development, intellectual development and learning difficulties, behavioral functioning, and effects on family members.
  • Asha Hai Model supported by the interdisciplinary team results in an integrated approach to the child’s therapy across their multiple domains of need.
  • Asha Hai provides a single line of communication for the family, and ensures that one professional has the “big” picture of an individual child’s and family’s needs and progress.


For Asha Hai, our parents and families are an integral part of our interdisciplinary team.