Asha Hai is an inclusive school for children with special needs in Soth Delhi.  We are a leading provider of therapy services for children with special needs. We are committed to redefining the way that special needs are viewed and treated, by taking the most progressive and holistic approach to the children in our care and their families. We offer centre-based, early-years, interdisciplinary, and outcomes-focused therapy programs.

A core tenet of our pedagogy lies in our belief that all children are unique and special in their own ways, and so each child is encouraged to develop intellectually, socially and emotionally through a personalized approach.  Asha Hai’s comprehensive program can be tailored to the specific needs of individuals from birth through adulthood. These programs help individuals learn to communicate, develop friendships, and lead happy, healthy lives. The strategies we use for our inclusive programs are: Mainstream Schooling, Special Education using Montessori Curriculum, Dance Movement Psychotherapy and Developmental Therapy.

None of these life-changing programs would be what they are without the work of our exceptional staff, which includes psychologists, therapists, and Montessorians. They are truly committed to helping all of our children achieve their fullest potential.


To help build a society where all children are treated equally so that they receive the respect that every individual deserves.


Our mission is to bring together all students under the same roof in a shared community regardless of their strengths or weaknesses. Through this, we seek to maximize the potential of all students. We endeavor to make sure that all children feel welcome and that their unique needs and learning styles are not just addressed, but also valued.


One of the most important principles of Asha Hai education is that no two learners are alike, and so this school plays a great importance on creating opportunities for children to learn and be assessed in a variety of ways. The school has 4 HOUR program which includes 2 HOURS inclusive schooling and 2 HOURS therapies which are: Developmental Therapy, Dance Movement Psychotherapy and Montessori Special Education. Other important factors which make effective our Asha Hai program is regular monthly PARENT MEETINGS and through this interaction is the implementation of monthly HOME BASED PLANS. School System includes: Assembly, writing work, rhyme time, lunch time, group play, Montessori activity time and story time.