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WHY Inclusive school for children with special needs?

Crayons Montessori, established in 1995 aims to provide children with a congenial environment and opportunities to learn and express their views. At Crayons, we are guided by the highly regarded and proven methods of Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator best known for the philosophy of education that bears her name. Our activities are designed to bring out the best in our children. Our highly qualified, Montessori-trained teachers use novel ways to encourage the tiny tots to learn through dance, actions, story-telling, singing, enacting stories using puppets etc. We believe that individual attention is essential to develop their personality.


In our Inclusive school for children with special needs, we believe that by providing a joyful learning experience in their formative years, we can help children establish a positive attitude towards life-long learning.


Crayons is extremely proud to present an education system with inclusion, the one and only inclusive school for children with special needs present in Delhi at a play school level. It not only encourages learning among diverse needs children but also aims to sensitize regular children.


An Inclusive school for children with special needs incorporates a structure where children with special needs receive education along with other children. The inclusive school for children with special needs structures its policies, educational plans and practices that respond to individual differences and ability, thus benefiting all children. It is the practice of educating all children in the same classroom, including children with physical, mental, and developmental needs. In a fully inclusive school, all of the children follow the same schedules; everyone is involved in the same extracurricular activities, and assemblies.


A inclusive school for children with special needs is important because it aims at promoting an inclusive non-discriminatory society where everybody is sensitive to the needs of others. Initially, it not only sensitizes and changes the attitude of the teachers and parents, but also the young minds that start their early education based on the Montessori curriculum.

Play School


Inclusive SCHOOL

Social interaction limited to children with special needs

Social interaction with regular children

Limited role modeling

Positive role modeling

No opportunity to sensitize regular kids

Sensitization of regular kids at an early stage

Protected environment

Exposure to real life situation

Controlled and limited opportunities to learn

Equal opportunity to learn and grow

Few opportunities for all development

An equal opportunity for all round development

*The above comparison does not discourage special needs schools as based on the needs of the child. However, in some cases it might be required.

​Children are great imitators. give them something great to imitate

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Aiming inclusivity and empowering young minds

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