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What is the Disorder?

Specific Learning Disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder that begins during school age, but may not be recognised until adulthood. The specific skills that may be impaired due to learning disorder could be the ability to put thoughts into written words (Dysgraphia), reading comprehension (Dyslexia), spelling (Dyspraxia), maths calculation and maths problem solving (Dyscalculia). Difficulties with these skills might cause problems in learning subjects such as science, history, maths, and social studies and impact everyday activities.


Red Flags to watch out for

  • Reading that is inaccurate, slow and requires much effort.
  • Difficulty understanding the meaning of what is read.
  • Difficulty with spelling.
  • Difficulty with written expressions such as problems with grammar, punctuation or organization.
  • Difficulty understanding number concepts, number facts or calculation.
  • Difficulty with mathematical reasoning such as applying math concepts or solving math problems.

Specific Learning disorder

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