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Language and Communication Therapy (Speech, Occupational & Physio Therapy)

Language and Communication therapy in south Delhi

Language and Communication therapy is using play based techniques to develop a child’s language. The goals are around play and using play way activities (e.g., toys, games, etc.). Not only does play based therapy increases the child’s attention and engagement, it also allows you to target their goals in a more functional and naturalistic aspect. Using play in language therapy helps the child being motivated to engage and communicate when playing with materials of interest. At Asha Hai, Children learn the social skills necessary for playing with toys and make progress on language goals in a naturalistic setting.


What does a Language and Communication therapist Do?

Language and Communication therapist, they assess and treat a person with specific, language and communication problems to enable them to communicate to the best of their ability. They help to develop early play and communication skills. These children receive the required intervention and training that they need in order to ensure their optimum development and minimize the effect of their impairment, which leads them towards the greatest degree of independence possible. The therapist aims at involving not only the child but also the parents or the care takers who could act as an important aid in helping the child learn the basic skill and use it efficiently.


Areas covered

The Language and Communication sessions in Hauz Khas, South Delhi are fun and play based while helping the children achieve the required amount of skill needed at their age to help them engage  in communication.

    • Language Delays

    • Autism

    • Increase Communication

    • Improve Play Skills

    • Inculcating Sharing, turn taking and waiting

    • Improve Receptive Communication

    • Improve Expressive Communication

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