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Developmental Therapy (Speech, Occupational & Physio Therapy)

Developmental & Speech therapy in south Delhi


What is Developmental Therapy (DT)?

This therapy incorporates vital functions of occupational therapy (OT), speech and language pathologist (SLP), and physio therapy. Asha Hai trainers providing speech therapy in south Delhi, aim at helping children with physical or developmental needs to achieve skills that aid them in their day to day life activities. The interventions give them the confidence and the necessary skill to carry out their everyday tasks both at home and to adapt to their surroundings outside.


What does a Developmental Therapist do?

Our Developmental Therapists conducting speech therapy in south Delhi , perform a variety of training cum exercises that help to improve children with special need in the area of gross motor, fine motor, perceptual and self care. These children receive the required intervention and training that they need in order to ensure their optimum development and minimize the effect of their impairment, which leads them towards the greatest degree of independence possible. The therapist aims at involving not only the child but also the parents or the care takers who could act as an important aid in helping the child learn the basic skill and use it efficiently.


Areas covered

Therapists conducting speech therapy in south Delhi and occupational therapy, cover a wide range of prospects. They are:

  • Fine Motor – Writing (pincer & tripod grasp), small movements in the wrist, fingers and feet and toes, synchronization of hand and fingers.
  • Gross Motor – Walking, running, climbing stairs, balancing, appropriate posture in positions, jumping.
  • Perceptual – Functional mathematics program.
  • Self Care – Activities of daily living like brushing, feeding, dressing.
  • Communication Skill – Receptive and expressive communication.
  • Age Appropriate Play – Social and individual games.

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