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RASHI BIJLANI TANDON | Founder, President – Asha Hai & Centre for Dance Movement Psychotherapy

Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist (ADMP-UK), Clinical Psychologist & Rehabilitation Psychologist (CRR No. A59992)

Rashi Bijlani, the Director and course designer for Asha Hai, has a Masters in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from University of London which is registered with the ADMP-UK and is also a Clinical Psychologist. Her novel and unique vision of the society enables her to view the children with extra needs through a new lens. In keeping with her ideology, she is a consultant Dance Movement Psychotherapist at various centers for children in Delhi. Her experience as an accomplished Bharatnatyam dancer further confirms her confidence that dance and movement enhance the smooth interaction of the mind and body.


She has recently started her unique forum to bring together various professionals of the Creative Arts field, called the Centre for Dance Movement Psychotherapy (CDMP). Her therapies are not just limited to children but also to adolescents and adults with mental health issues and addiction. In her quest to diversify her work, Rashi is also conducting parenting and childcare workshops for parents.


Rashi has taken the initiative to promote and familiarize people with Dance Movement Psychotherapy as well. She has conducted various workshops in schools and colleges of New Delhi with an aim to make people aware of the usefulness and importance of dance in a therapeutic setting.




Gunjan Bijlani

Director & Principal,CRR NO.B 54048

Gunjan Bijlani with a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology with Distinction and Diploma in Early Childhood and Special Educator (RCI)


She is a counselling Psychologist and a licensed Special Educator (RCI) who with the help of her knowledge and experience takes a great deal of interest in helping people recover and regain their mental health. She also has proficiency in helping people work on their family and marital relationships. Her background of working with children’s education and interaction with parents has given her strong hold and experience in the field of parenting.


Gunjan is a founder Director of Asha Hai Intervention Centre since 2010 and has been working with children with special needs like Autism, Down-Syndrome, Learning Disabilities, ADHD, MR R Cerebral Palsey. She is also associated with Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Research and Sciences and helping on helping on Child & Adolscent, Family and Couple Couselling.




Anu Gupta

M.Sc, B.Ed, PGD in Developmental Therapy, CRR No.A 44638

At AshaHai, our Developmental Therapist Mrs. Anu Gupta incorporate the functioning of occupational therapists (OT). Mrs Anu Gupta before joining us (Asha Hai), has worked with children in a Public School in New Delhi. She upgraded herself by undergoing a Post Graduate Diploma in Developmental Therapy of Delhi University. Thereafter, she worked with various NGOs to help the children with special needs. Here, Mrs. Anu was a part of the Committee which was responsible in developing early intervention programs for children with special needs to be included in preschool. Further, her work was not only limited to as a therapist, but also in developing methodologies (Holistic development), so that the children with special needs may get self-dependent to be included with the main stream school.


At AshaHai, our Developmental Therapist Mrs. Anu Gupta incorporates the functioning of occupational therapists (OT), speech and language pathologists (SLP), and physical therapists (PT) as well as other specialists (such as education or mental health) in her work with children to improve their functioning and relationships at home and at school. As a Developmental Therapist, her focus primarily shall be on helping children to learn how to stay engaged, to play with peers appropriately, develop their social- emotional capacities, and improve their communication skills.


She believes that total development of a child can be achieved, when children are engaged in some kind of play. Play helps children in functioning close to their optimal development. Play influences cognitive, social-emotional, language and communication, gross motor and fine motor development.




prabhjot kaur

Child Psychologist

Prabhjot kaur is budding professional in the field of Psychology and holds a Master’s ( degree in  Psychology from Punjabi University Patiala. She has interned at neuropsychiatry clinic in Chandigarh. She has also previously worked as a school Psychologist in Dev samaj school Chandigarh and also worked as Rehabilitation Psychologist in Jalandhar.At present, she is a Child Psychologist at Asha Hai. She aims to understand the behaviour of children and help them overcome social and emotional barriers. Having specialised in providing pre-intervention services for families and children, she also caters to their developmental and mental health issues. She actively participates in sessions and therapies conducted for children and workshops held for mental health services for children & adolescents in India.



Sonal Mehrotra


Sonal has completed her Graduation in Retail and Marketing from College of Vocational Studies, Delhi University. She has worked as an Administration Incharge in DPS World Kids Pre-School and holds a customer service experience of 13yrs. She is presently working at Asha Hai as Head of Administration. Her main focus is on direct programming, supervising staff, managing budgets and making schedules that affects the academic community. She is also in charge of developing a direction and mission for the facility at which she works. Drafting and interpreting regulation and dealing with queries and complaints procedures includes meeting with teachers, parents and school staff.



Tarannum Salman

Child and Adolescent Counsellor

Tarannum’s area of professional focus is providing support, guidance and mentorship to children with special needs. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Child Guidance and Counselling from the National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development as well as a Masters in Psychology from IGNOU. She has received extensive academic and professional training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as well.


Tarannum,s professional pursuits are guided by her belief that every child has innate potential which needs to be honed and nurtured. Her area of expertise is building effective communication and social skills in children with special needs through play. She is also committed to advising and influencing parents to assist their child’s growth. She is very humbled by the children’s affection of her efforts.




Richa Khurana

Child Psychologist

Richa Khurana, is a promising professional in the field of psychology. She holds a degree in M.Phil in Child and Adolescent Psychology from Amity University, Uttar Pradesh. She did her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Amity University and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Mata Sundri College for Women, University of Delhi. Richa also pursued her post graduate diploma in Psychological Counselling for Children from the Global Institute of Psychotherapy and Counselling, Kolkata. She has had the privilege to work in Four Steps Special School, Action For Autism , Centre for Child and Adolescent Well-being and Child Development and Adolescent Healthcare Centre at Moolchand Hospital.



Pallavi Singh

Dance Movement Therapy Facilitator

Pallavi Singh works as a Dance Movement Therapist at Asha Hai & at Centre for Dance Movement Psychotherapy. She has certification in Dance Movement Therapy from Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research. She has Masters in Counselling Psychology as well as Certificate in Global Career Counselling from University of California, Los Angeles. Pallavi has had training in Dance from the renowned Big Dance Centre and Banjara School Of Dance.


She believes strongly that dance is a powerful tool that can be used to heal and transform individuals, as Mind and Body are not separate; what affects one, affects the other. Her aim is to help individuals through the therapeutic use pf Dance & Movement, as dance not only helps in improving the cardiovascular health, but mental & emotional health as well.





Pooja Pathak

Occupational Therapist

Pooja Pathak  is a dedicated  paediatric Occupational Therapist at Asha hai. She has done her Masters from National Institute SVNIRTAR, CUTTUCK, with specialisation in developmental disabilities. She has worked as a Consultant  Paediatrics Occupational  Therapist at Columbia Asia hospital Yashwantpur, Bangalore , FIVE Paediatric therapy centre, Bangalore and Latina Roy Foundation,Dehradun. She had extensive exposure to various paediatrics and adult medical conditions and in rehabilitation during her graduation  and internship, at National Institute for Locomotor Disability(NILD, West Bengal University  Of Health Sciences). She has specialized in Sensory Integration  Therapy, Neurodevelopmental Therapy, Development Therapy, Oromotor training,  paediatric splinting, handwriting assessment and intervention. She has expertise in assessing and managing various  conditions like Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder,  ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Down’s syndrome, Intellectual Disability and congenital anomalies.

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