We at, Asha Hai provide Child and Adolescent Psychologists in Hauz Khas. Our center is located in Hauz Khas, and we have a team of specialized Cognitive Behavior Therapists and Counsellors for Learning Disability in South Delhi who have years of experience and know the proper steps required for providing such counselling services and diagnostics tools such as psychometric assessments.

Child and Adolescent Counselling in Hauz Khas aims at helping the child identify and restructure unhealthy and extreme thoughts to modify behaviour and emotions. This is beneficial for the child to be able to navigate through anxiety, negative thoughts, and difficult emotions in a healthy manner.

Child and Adolescent Counselling in Hauz Khas use play activities that help create a safe and comfortable environment for the child to process their needs and difficult emotions and gradually feel emotionally adept.

The Child and Adolescent Counselling in Hauz Khas sessions are customized to cater to the individualized and collective needs of the child and the family environment. We also ensure regular and systematic sessions with family members to enhance the therapeutic process, provide psychoeducation, and aid in altering the immediate distress provoking stimulus and/or environment of the child. Asha Hai is one of the best centers with Counsellors for learning Disability in South Delhi that provide Child and Adolescent Counselling in Hauz Khas.