Whether it is tantrums, talking back or ignoring instructions, children’s behaviours can be overwhelming on the whole family. Power struggles between parents and kids impact the family system and it can be rather challenging to understand how to navigate through these difficulties. That’s where Parent Training in Hauz Khas programs come in. In these Parent Training in Hauz Khas programs, parents learn skills to respond effectively to kids’ behaviour and keep things calm at home. Most Parent Training for Conduct Disorder programs focus on using praise, celebrations and positive reinforcement to encourage desirable behaviours and minimising negative reinforcement and punishments as tools to correct undesirable behaviours.

Our most popular Program is The Dancing Bond. The Dancing Bond is a scientific program designed by Rashi Bijlani Tandon – Dance Movement Psychotherapist and Child Psychologist. The Parent Training in Hauz Khas program enhances attunement between the child and the caregiver to expand harmony within our families. This Parent Training In Hauz Khas program not only helps in enhancing our relationship with parents and caregivers, but it also helps us become more in-tune with our children’s behaviours and how we can provide effective appreciation and reinforcements to our children. Parent Training in Hauz Khas is a program that is extremely close to our hearts, as these years truly never come back and it’s our chance to form secure attachments with our little ones, which will be the foundation for their lives.

Our Home-based Training Programs  are also curated carefully for the unique needs of neuro- divergent children. The Parent support in South Delhi program focuses on educating and empowering the parents attachment bond with their child, instead of going against them. This Parent Support in South Delhi creates a deeply loving, deeply respectful learning environment, the parent will focus on a more positive and conducive way of reinforcement, enabling both the parent and the child to build a joyful connection together. We put parents in the driver’s seat as key teachers of their own Parent Training in Hauz Khas programs, utilizing the home as the most nurturing environment to help their children dramatically improve in all areas of learning, development, communication, and skill acquisition. Through this Parent Support in South Delhi, the child and the parent are working on building a positive connection as well a working on identifying, understanding, and managing several children’s behaviours effectively and with necessary tools.